Domestic Workers Protection Clause

The Domestic Workers Justice Initiative proposes that institutional investors demand contractually binding language from thier partners that includes the following key points:

1. Comprehensive Program: The firm commits to a program in which the domestic worker is interviewed, reimbursed any illegal fees, and given a contact in cases of abuse.

2. Mandatory: The program is mandatory for all executives. It is not a voluntary “education” program. It is a compliance program that is strictly enforced and without loopholes.

3. All workers: The program applies even if the worker was not hired through an agency. Avoiding an agency is often a means to isolate the worker and facilitate abuse.

4. Supply Chain: The finance firm requires that executives of its own international suppliers (law, accounting, banking, consulting, etc.) also adopt the program.

Domestic Workers Justice Initiative

Domestic Workers Justice Initiative: Working with institutional investors to keep their supply chains trafficking free.


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