Regulatory Expectations

Regulators expect financial executive to fight trafficking transactions, not be party to them. 

“When workers are charged recruitment fees, they become vulnerable to debt bondage, a form of human trafficking in which workers are reluctant to complain and may endure abusive conditions for fear of losing their job. Governments and the private sector can take actions to eliminate this practice.” 

United States Department of State

“Modern slavery is a heinous crime and tackling it is a top priority for this government and for me personally as Home Secretary. Transparency statements are not enough. Businesses must take effective steps to root out contemporary slavery and aim to continuously improve.”

Rt Hon Amber Rudd MP, Home Secretary, UK Home Office

“The first step in shutting down a trafficking organization might be a conscientious financial institution employee working… to help rescue individuals from this nightmare.” (emphasis added)

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement

“Australia has a National Action Plan to Combat Modern Slavery. A key priority of the Plan is to disrupt, investigate and prosecute perpetrators. Our Human Trafficking teams do exactly that. We also cooperate with all state and territory police and internationally with our partners to combat human trafficking and slavery.”

Australian Federal Police

“Financial institutions play a critical role in identifying transactions associated with trafficking and may face criminal penalties if they willfully fail to comply with their obligations.” (emphasis added)

US Treasury Department

“The Government of Canada is committed to leveraging its spending power to positively influence ethical business practices, both at home and abroad. We work with suppliers to identify vulnerabilities within their operations and supply chains and look for ways to address them.”

Government of Canada

“Financial institutions can be a powerful force in assisting Homeland Security as we combat the horrible crime of human trafficking. We look to them to be among our greatest allies…” (emphasis added)

US Homeland Security

“Human trafficking is nothing less than the face of evil. It completely tears down the rights of its victims, forcing them into modern-day slavery and it must be stopped.”   

Sen Ted Cruz R. Texas, United States Senate

“Financial institutions, large and small, can play a critical role in identifying and reporting transactions related to [human trafficking]…” (emphasis added)

US Financial Crimes Enforcement (FinCEN)

“The US has tremendous moral capital given our own struggle to end slavery here which positions us to say, ‘We have not accepted slavery or servitude in our country and we’re not willing to partner with it in any way around the globe.”

Sen Josh Hawley R. Missouri, United States Senate

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