Seal of Approval

The Domestic Workers Justice Initiative proposed certification program gives participating firms a recognized “Seal of Approval.”

Key elements of the proposed certification program: 

Organizational Structure: A single Foundation created by industry leaders administers the program in Hong Kong and Singapore. 

Organizational Control: The Foundation is controlled by a board appointed by industry leaders, not outsiders. The board sets policies and hires management.

Firm operational involvement: Other than board control, the Foundation operates independently of any participating firm. Firms do not become involved in administration, abuse cases, or contract disputes.   

Mandatory for firms: If a firm elects to contractually obligate itself to its clients to join this program, then by its own agreement it becomes mandatory for that firm. 

Mandatory for executives: As a condition of joining the foundation, and to earn the “seal of approval”, ALL executives at the joining firm must be required to participate. This becomes a provision of all employment contracts. It is not a voluntary program.

Published protocols and audit: To ensure transparency and credibility, protocols are published and performance is audited.

Confidentiality/Liability: All interactions are confidential. There is minimal liability associated with a program like this. The awards made involving domestic workers are trivial. 

Program cost: We estimate the total industry cost at US $2.5mm per year, or about US $50K for each of the ~50 firms we hope will participate. 

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