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Protection Protocol for Domestic Workers


To reduce the abuse of domestic workers brought to the U.S. by foreign diplomats, the State Department implemented the 3P Program which includes the following:

  • Prevention: The worker meets with the host country expert to understand their rights and to exchange contact information in case of abuse. The employer is trained on the appropriate treatment of domestic workers.
  • Protection: The expert provides alternative dispute resolution mechanisms when problems arise and may encourage compensation to the worker if appropriate.
  • Prosecution: Referring allegations of exploitation to law enforcement for investigation. Note: DWJI believes that most abuse cases would be resolved without escalation if conciliatory methods were introduced early in the mediation process.

This program is mandatory and has been highly effective at discouraging abuse at little cost and with minimal intrusion into anyone’s personal life. 

Diplomats and finance executives are similar in being highly educated elites that consider themselves to be of higher status than the domestic worker and largely immune from repercussions for any abuse.

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