The history of MFA

Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA) believes that migrants’ rights are human rights. Documented or undocumented, irrespective of race, gender, class, age and religious belief, migrant workers’ rights are guaranteed by the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Protection of Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of their Families and other international conventions.

MFA is conceived in Hong Kong

At a meeting of migrant workers’ advocates in Hong Kong the idea of MFA is born.


MFA becomes an established organization

MFA was formally organized in 1994 in a forum held in Taiwan entitled, “Living and Working Together with Migrants in Asia".

MFA begins publication of the Asian Migrant Yearbook

A bi-annual publication prepared by the Asian Migrant Centre that provided periodic reports on the situation of migrants in a number of Asian countries. (eventually became Policy Briefs)


Headquarters moved to The Philippines

25 Matiyaga Street, Central District, Diliman
Quezon City 1100, Philippines

Inaugural Meeting of the Colombo Process

In Sri Lanka organizations from ten countries of origin and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) gathered with the aim to enhance cooperation and review and implement the Sustainable Development Goals that target migration.


Inter-Parliamentary Caucus on Labor Migration

MFA and network partners begin facilitating a parliamentarian programme aimed at identifying the role for parliamentarians on the issues of labour migration and migrants' rights, enhancing participation of MPs in that role, and identifying key issue areas to take on.

MFA establishes Lawyers Beyond Borders

In response to the crucial need for more fair and adequate legal redress mechanisms for migrants, and increased coordination among legal practitioners in countries of origin and destination. 


MFA and partners launch

Recruitment practices play an important role in the cycle of migration and often contribute to abuse and exploitation. is a global online platform that strategically collates information on campaigns, policies and initiatives, events, news articles, and laws related to recruitment. It was founded by the Open Working Group on Labour Migration and Recruitment, which in turn was initiated by MFA, the Global Coalition on Migration and other civil society organizations. 

MFA and Christian Aid initiate the #OurHands campaign

#OurHands a social media campaign that helps domestic workers around the world learn about and advocate for their rights. We aim to help domestic workers to articulate their rights, organize themselves, negotiate their terms of employment, and participate in social dialogue that concerns them.


MFA Promotes Migrants Campaign Month

Migrants Campaign Month is MFA’s annual advocacy program in which we highlight issues on migrants’ rights and advocate for countries to adopt a universal rights-based approach to migration.

MFA begins work on Domestic Workers Justice Initiative

A campaign to combat the illegal employment fees that domestic migrant workers must often pay and to ensure compliance with employment contracts and domestic law.

Domestic Workers Justice Initiative

Domestic Workers Justice Initiative: Working with institutional investors to keep their supply chains trafficking free.


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