Why Law Firms?

The Domestic Workers Justice Initiative is focusing on law firms because:

Professional Responsibility: Lawyers generally must act lawfully in their personal lives as any offense demonstrates a lack of respect for the law and can affect one’s license. 

Government contractors: Many law firms are government contractors (or subcontractors) and contracts could be put at risk even for trafficking-related activity in their partners’ personal lives. Placement fees are a key focus of U.S. federal regulation

High Income: Partners at leading Wall Street firms typically bill U.S.$2,000/hour. On any given morning, they bill substantially more than what their domestic worker makes in a year. They can afford a fully compliant hiring transaction.

Relevant to work: Supply-chain due diligence is a key service these firms provide to PE firms. Condoning these offences suggests a lack of concern with labor code violations.

Sincerity: Law firms often portray themselves as concerned with social justice. DWJI seeks to hold these firms accountable to their stated ESG commitments.

Hypocrisy: If a lawyer were convicted of charging these illegal fees, he or she would likely be disbarred and shunned by his former partners. But these same partners have no concern with being on the other side of the very same tainted transactions.

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